USN Deluxe

USN Deluxe
USN Deluxe USN Deluxe USN Deluxe USN Deluxe
Fabricante: Decision Games
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Disponibilidad: 1
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Precio en puntos de recompensa: 500

     Idioma: Inglés     Jugadores: 2      Duración: 30 min.   

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Refight the greatest naval-air-land war of history. USN Deluxe is an update of the classic SPI game of the War in the Pacific, 1941-45. While maintaining the original game’s systems, the redesign also includes rules for a comprehensive simulation that includes the entire war, from Hawaii to the Asian mainland. Scenarios include the first year of the Japanese offensive, as well as 1941-43, 1943-45 and 1941-45. There are also mini-games for Midway, the Solomons, Burma, China, the Philippines, Manchuria and others. Also included is a War Plan Orange scenario for a “what-if” naval war with the US and Japan squaring off in the early 1930s.

Naval forces are at the squadron level, except aircraft carriers, which are each represented by individual counters. Air units are in groups based on squadrons. Land units are regiments, brigades, divisions, corps and armies. The game system uses an interactive sequence of play in which both players can launch strikes, exploit errors, and win great victories. New rules include Kamikazes, armored divisions, task force markers, Soviet intervention, MAGIC, special operations forces, the China front, strategic bombing and the atomic bomb.

Components: 840 die-cut counters, two 34x22” maps, player aid cards, and two rulebooks, 2 inch box.

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