Ancient Terrible Things: The Lost Charter

Ancient Terrible Things: The Lost Charter
Estado: Nuevo
Puntos de recompensa: 12
Disponibilidad: 3
Precio: 24.95€

Idioma: Inglés     Jugadores: 1-5      Duración: 60 min.  

Ancient Terrible Things: The Lost Charter is a travel expansion pack for the pulp horror dice game Ancient Terrible Things. The expansion includes 54 new cards, including new Encounter card types, Achievements, Feat and Swag, Character Obsessions, travel-ready Location cards, 3 Revelation dice, and a full colour rulebook with details of travel set-up, new card effects and rules for solo play and 5-player game. The expansion comes in a compact travel-friendly box with a raised dice-roller platform and a 5th playable character with character may.

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