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  • Seven & Seven

Seven & Seven

  • Estado: Nuevo
  • Puntos de fidelidad: 6
  • Disponibilidad: 2 - 3 Dias
Precio en puntos fidelidad: 331
Idioma: Inglés  nº de jugadores: 2-5  Duración: 35 min In any battle of Good vs. Evil, there are those who root for the noble, wholesome characters, and those who cheer on the corrupt and dishonorable. In the game of 7&7, you get to choose which side you're on. The object of the game is to fill your play area with all seven VIRTUES or all seven SINS to claim the victory, but watch out: Your opponents will be attempting to do the exact same thing, and will be trying to turn your characters against you! Features: Dual sided cards grant you the flexibility to adjust to an ever changing game state. Convert cards to either bring you closer to victory or to disrupt your opponents. Fast-paced actions ensures that turns are always quick and exciting. Ficha de la BGG

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