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  • Pocket Landship

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    Idioma: Inglés    Nº de jugadores: 1-2    Duración: 15-.0 min aprox.  Edad: 10+

    Pocket Landship is based on the print and play Board Game Geek Award nominated (2017) soloplay card wargame. In this version we see a steampunk theme and expanded gameplay with additional enemy and friendly options, as well as multiplayer options.

    Command a Landship (the original British term for tanks) to clear a sector of enemy infantry, artillery, and enemy mech and alike.

    The player chooses a Landship to control with weapons or support units to create either a single high powered Landship or a more disparate defending force, including a squad of shock troops.

    The enemy appears as waves of enemy mech, artillery, infantry, and mine fields arranged in 2 rows of 3 cards.

    Each turn, the player will roll 3 6-sided dice and assign each die to each of their cards to attack the enemies. Then, for the enemy turn, roll the 3 dice and assign them low to high left to right across the front enemy line, then take the assigned actions.

    Each card has its own damage track. When a card is destroyed, it is removed from the game. Win by destroying all 9 enemy cards. Lose if the enemy destroys your landship.

    -description from publisher


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