• Merlin


  • Fabricante: Queen Games
  • Estado: Nuevo
  • Puntos de fidelidad: 24
  • Disponibilidad: No disponible
Precio en puntos fidelidad: 1043

Idioma: Inglés    nº de jugadores: 2-4   Duración: 75 min King Arthur is looking for a worthy successor to his throne. Together with Merlin, he seeks the best candidate from among the Knights of the Round Table. Each player assumes the role of a Knight of the Round Table and attempts to win King Arthur’s favor. Secuence of play: By using their dice, the players move Merlin or their own knight on the action rondel. The space where they end the movement specifies their possible action. Each player controls the movement of their own knight, whereas Merlin can be moved by all players. Three scorings take place during the course of the game. The players have to repel the traitors and can gain victory points for their constructed manors in the environs, for their influence in principalities, and for their henchmen placed on the game board. Additionally, the players may complete missions in order to gain further victory points during the game. After six rounds, the player who has most effectively used their dice to navigate the rondel to complete missions and take advantage of the interim scorings, thus accumulating the most victory points, will become King Arthur’s successor. Página de la BGG

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