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  • King Of The Hill: The Dwarf Throne

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         Idioma: Español    Jugadores: 2 - 5     Duración: 30 - 75 min.     The king of dwarves has died, and the clans of the kingdom are going to the court to elect the new king. In King Of The Hill: The Dwarf Throne, each player controls the leader of one of the dwarven clans, a leader who wants to become the new king. To achieve that, they need to do what a dwarf does best: brag about their exploits and try to impress the dwarf council, who will elect the new king. They compete against each other to gain glory, runes, and dwarf votes. During the game, the player places their workers in several locations, acquires resources, and impresses the council members. (Each council member will request some resources points.) In every location is a bet, with cards with values from 1 to 6, to know who is the best. At the end of the mourning days, the leader of the clan with more votes will become the new king of the hill. Página del juego en BGG

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