• Import/Export + expansiones

Import/Export + expansiones

  • Fabricante: Dark Flight
  • Estado: Nuevo
  • Puntos de fidelidad: 9
  • Disponibilidad: No disponible
Precio en puntos fidelidad: 1318
Idioma: Inglés   nº de jugadores: 2-6  Duración: 60min Incluye: Capital Expansión Kickstarter expansion. Tokyo Expansion Jutaku expansion Import / Export is a role selection game with a passive and active economy driven by player decisions. You have the power to gain over one hundred unique powers by exporting shipments of goods, specializing into a varied tech tree, and unlocking advanced game engines that will be completely unique to each play! Once your shipments enter the open sea, someone can trigger an Import action, where everyone will hold a silent auction to buy your containers and either allocate them as a future end game investment or an immediate boost to their available actions for specific roles. The end goal of the game is to have the most credits, which will be a combination of your physical credits, passive credits that were saved as imported goods, plus any bonuses from completed shipments. Página de la BGG

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