• Triumph and Tragedy (2nd Edition)

Triumph and Tragedy (2nd Edition)

  • Fabricante: GMT Games
  • Estado: Nuevo
  • Puntos de fidelidad: 6
  • Disponibilidad: Agotado
Precio en puntos fidelidad: 1898
     Idioma: Inglés     Jugadores: 2-3      Duración: 240 min.   NOTE ON 2nd EDITION COMPONENTS: This 2nd Edition of Triumph & Tragedy will include:     A Mounted Map     Thick (euro-type) counters     Thicker box (like our COIN series games) For those wanting to update their 1st edition, we are offering an update kit on our P500 list now: Triumph & Tragedy 2nd Edition Update Kit COMPONENTS     One full-color die-cut countersheet     One 22" x 34" mapsheet     Two sheets of labels     208 wooden blocks     Game Record Sheet     Rulebook     Playbook     55-card Action Deck     55-Card Investment Deck     Three Player Aid Cards LIVING RULES     Rulebook     Playbook     Errata & Clarifications     Spanish Rules     Spanish Playbook     Italian Rules     German Player Aid Card     French Rules Página del juego en BGG

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